March 19, 2009

NEW MD Skincare® by Dr. Dennis Gross Natural Beauty In Toxins Out Review

Lately, it's seemed that the green bandwagon must be so full of folks that it's busting at the seams, wheels flying off. 

Like most members of the organic community, I flip-flop between being happy that more companies are becoming nature-focused and leery of greenwashing.

So when I received a press release about a new natural line by renowned Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, I was prepared to be underwhelmed.  Instead, I discovered luxurious, thoughtfully formulated, and highly performing products.  My two favorites from the line, Called Beauty In Toxins Out, are the following.

Purifying Bath Crystals with Himalayan Salt:  There are umpteen natural bath soaks on the market that are perfectly lovely.  Smell is the deciding factor.  These salts are mixed with a warm, completely intoxicating blend of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, anise, and lavender essential oils—plus shea butter and aloe to moisturize.  After a soak one night, I slept like a baby and remained blissed out until late the next afternoon.

Antioxidant Enzyme Buff:  Sea salt, almond shell, and blueberry and cranberry seeds polish away dead skin cells, while plentiful plant oils (grape seed, sweet almond and evening primrose to name a few) give supple skin.  Lavender and bitter orange essential oils provide an enticing fragrance that's both floral and fruity.

Eco factor: Dr. Dennis Gross' natural line is 100% vegan with no sulfate detergents, parabens, petrolatum derivatives, mineral oil, or synthetic dyes or fragrance.  Packaging for some of the products is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content.

To buy: $57 for the Antioxidant Enzyme Buff and $42 for the Purifying Bath Crystals. Or, you can buy a value set of slightly smaller sizes of both for $55. At and


Blue Mama said...

I am THRILLED that major companies are becoming more conscious of using better ingredients. I don't care that their motive is purely profit, it means that when I go back to spa work I may not have to have my hands in nasty, chemical-laden products all day!

The "green" trend is still relatively small in salons and spas but when major brands expand into natural territory it means that everyone wins: the consumer, the esthetician and the companies.

Large companies really can change the world--they are the ones who can afford to use top-quality organic ingredients and use 100% post consumer waste packaging. I'm glad to see steps in this direction!

Anonymous said...

Just tried it too - LOVE IT! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, I myself stick to nothing but all natural beauty products. I am also very aware of the foods I eat as this is one of the main causes of bad health and most skin and odor issues.

james said...

this site gives very good information regarding beauty thank you beauty

Anonymous said...

I recently moved to Colorado, where the air is very dry, and at age 50, my skin was really starting to show it.

I have always had oily skin problems, but all that changes with age and climate made it even worse - thats when I read some customer reviews about the Made from Earth organic skincare line and I decided to try them.

Made from Earth products are a joy to use, and I noticed a significant difference in just a few days! I like the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser because i feel it removing the daily toxins from my face - and I also like the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum - it even firmed up my neck quite a bit!

I will definitely continue to use the Made from Earth skin care products.