March 2, 2009

Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Conditioner: Perfect for Fine Hair

Regular readers might be asking, "Another Giovanni product?" (My editor, Lindsay, reviewed Giovanni's Smooth As Silk line a few weeks ago.) It's just that both of us like Giovanni: The products perform well, are sleekly packaged, smell great—and are easy on the wallet. Plus, they're available at numerous locations, making them convenient to pick up in a pinch.

I've been using the newer Root 66 Max Volume Conditioner and am thrilled with its results. I have tricky hair: fine and sometimes limp with a tendency to be oily at the roots, dry at the ends, and very tangly. I’m always on the lookout for products that boost volume while controlling oil and adding nourishment and vitality. (Is that too much to ask?) I was surprised by the bounce and texture that this conditioner created and how smooth and shiny my hair looked after using it.

Pretty Factor: Real extracts of mango, kiwi, papaya and plumeria make this conditioner smell like a tropical vacation. Since the fragrance comes from natural instead of synthetic sources, you won't mind catching a whiff of it throughout the day. It's rich in herbs and nutrients, such as silica, horsetail, soybean protein, vitamin B5 and vitamin E to keep hair strong, healthy and shiny.

Eco Factor: Giovanni products contain 100% natural, organic ingredients. No petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrance or animal byproducts or testing.

To Buy: $7.99 at Whole Foods, natural foods stores, and

—Jen from Skin Rhythm


Deirdre said...

I LOVE the new look of the blog, so clean and sophisticated. Nice work girlie! Hugs, D.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inexpensive stuff that works!

Anonymous said...

Love the Giovanni line. Will have to try this next!