March 23, 2009

Dr. Bronner's Magic USDA Organic Hair Conditioner and Styling Crème

Having fine but slightly wavy locks, I'm always looking out for the perfect product that will turn my hair into lush, sexy waves.  I've been pleased with my current conditioner but was curious about Dr. Bronner's USDA Organic Hair Conditioner and Styling Crème—being a busy mom to young twin boys, I'm a huge fan of double-duty products.

The first day I tried it, I used conditioner in the shower as usual and blow dried with the Dr. Bronner's cream. Bad idea. My hair was shiny
but also a slippery mess; I couldn't even keep an elastic in. Next, I tried it as a styling cream on second-day hair. It worked well, adding shine and smoothing flyaways.

But the third way was a charm. I skipped conditioner in the shower (sorry, Giovanni!) and applied the cream as a leave-in conditioner. After I blow-dried, I was amazed to see my hair transformed from damp and tangly to sleek and bouncy. The next day, I combed my hair and styled with a bit of the cream. It took no time and looked great. Most surprising, though, was that my hair looked good on the third day! This one's a keeper!

Pretty Factor: USDA certified organic coconut, jojoba and hemp oils nourish hair and create a healthy shine while lavender essential oil helps calm and relax, creating a pampering salon experience every morning!

Eco Factor: Dr. Bronner's—of the colorful, classic soaps
is one of the most integritous lines in the natural beauty industry. Working closely with the Organic Consumers' Association, all of their products are certified Fair Trade and 95% certified organic by the USDA's strict National Organic Program. No parabens, petrochemicals, a single synthetic ingredient, or animal testing.

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—Jen from Skin Rhythm


Anonymous said...

I'll have to try this! I recently saw that Dr. Bronner's is one of only a few lines that the (strict) Organic Consumers' Association recommends. Impressive.