March 11, 2009

Natural Ways to Boost Red and Brunette Hair Color

When budgets are tight, hair coloring is one of the first beauty indulgences to go. Those every-two-month salon appointments often lapse to four or five months.

Because of this recession, we wanted to share our tips for naturally enhancing hair color until the next trip to your colorist.  Those who don't dye their hair (good for you!) can greatly benefit, too.

I’m going to cover red, darker brunettes and gray hair today, and Lindsay will tackle light brunettes and blondes on Friday.
Red hair: Rosehip or Hibiscus Rose Tisane
It’s a frustrating fact that red hair fades quickly. But here are two herbal teas (tisanes) I've discovered that will naturally boost red hair and extend the life of not-so natural red hair:

Recipe #1: Steep one cup of rosehips (can usually be found in the bulk section of natural foods stores) or two bags of rosehip tea in boiling water until lukewarm.  Apply to hair with a spray bottle and comb through.  Wrap hair in a warm, moist towel or shower cap and leave on for about an hour before shampooing out.

Recipe #2: Steep five tablespoons of dried hibiscus leaves and five tablespoons of red rose petals (or simply use hibiscus tea) in two cups of boiling water until luke warm. Apply to hair with a spray bottle or use as a rinse after shampooing. For best results, apply several washes each time and let sit on hair for up to an hour.

Brunette and Gray Hair: Sage and Rosemary Tisane
After coloring my hair for several years, I decided in my mid-twenties to return to my natural hue until I went too gray to bear. I’ve gotten so used to not dying (and I much prefer the texture of untreated locks) that when I do go gray I’ll try the following treatment to maintain my color. It's a great solution because sage has long been used to prevent the grays and rosemary will increase scalp circulation, thereby encouraging healthy hair growth.

Recipe: Simmer 1/2 cup sage leaves in 2 cups water for 30 minutes, then steep for several hours. Apply to hair and leave on until dry. Rinse. Repeat weekly until desired shade, then monthly to maintain color.

—Jen from Skin Rhythm


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! And I know chamomile is great for blonde hair. Love your blog. :)

Virginia Green said...

Those sound teriffic - I will have to keep those in mind! Thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

I'm a natural red head(aurburn) and my hair color is fading i've never died my hair before, so will this transform my hair color to its orginal state, and how long will it last on my hair? Is this for all hair types? My background is ethic? How often do I have to take it? Are the results permanet(will they stay after washes and shampoos please help I love my hair i feel special but it is fading!!!!!!!!!!! sharay