November 27, 2007

MyChelle White Cranberry Cleanser

Updated 5/15/2008: MyChelle Dermaceuticals is an extraordinary yet reasonably priced skin care line, and if you have oily or acneic skin, you must try its recently re-formulated and renamed White Cranberry Cleanser. I'm a product switch-a-holic and have gone through three bottles. Here's why:

Pretty factor:
This nicely foaming, sulfate-free cleanser contains gentle surfactants and an anti-acne combo of

• .5% salicylic acid, an exfoliator that can penetrate oil

• 5% azelaic acid, an exfoliator and skin lightener that helps reduce annoying post-zit red marks.
• Bacteria-killing cranberry fruit juice, tea tree oil, and totarol, which is even more potent than tea tree oil.

Eco factor:
MyChelle products contains organic ingredients and are toxin-free, lacking phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, ureas, EDTA, and artificial fragrances and colors. The company is actively involved with local animal rescue programs.

To buy: $10 for 2.1 oz and $17 for a 4.4 oz. at and Whole Foods



Anonymous said...

I used this and the juice enzyme sister product and found that it didn't do much for my acne. It did at first, maybe two or three days, but then it just seemed to make my skin oilier by days end. I think it strips it clean causing the skin to produce more oil. At least that's my observation.

Anonymous said...

I started using this cleanser 3 weeks ago and have been thrilled. By breakouts have diminished to near zero, skin looks healthier without any drying. I've purchased and begun using the other MyChelle products too. So far so good and the smell is wonderful!

Unknown said...

I've been using this entire product line religiously for the past five months. Up until this week, it has been life changing. Now I am breaking out like crazy. With no major changes to my life or diet, have you heard of this before? What gives?

Lindsay B. said...

Hi Jacqui. Thanks for the comment. Sorry that you've been breaking out like crazy lately. No fun.

I would advise you to really examine everything you've eaten in the past week or so. It's been my experience that whenever I break out, I always say, "What the heck? I haven't done anything different lately." But then I think about it again and I realize that I have. Perfect example: Two weeks ago out of nowhere, I got three cystic breakouts along my jawline. I haven't had those since cutting milk and ice cream out of my diet over a year ago. Then, I remembered that I ate two small antibiotic-free steaks the week before (red meat is thought to cause a spike in the production of DHT), plus a ton of yogurt (dairy is also thought to spike DHT thus sebum production) I cut out the red meat and all dairy and my skin rapidly cleared.

Also, are you under extra stress?