November 2, 2007

CARGO PlantLove™ Lipstick

This Sephora-sold lipstick isn't 100% natural, but its eco efforts and impressive moisturization merit it a mention—you can plant the box and it'll grow into flowers!

Pretty factor:
These creamy lipsticks are ultra emollient thanks to shea butter and mango, jojoba and meadowfoam seed oils. They come in 15 shades (6 are designed by actresses, like Courteney Cox and Lindsay Lohan), so you should have luck finding a for-you hue.

Eco factor: No mineral oil or petroleum. The tube is made from corn, a renewable resource, and its carton is constructed of flower paper embedded with seeds—moisten, plant and it will grow wildflowers! Additionally, $2 from every sale goes to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. (Note: This product does contain potentially parabens.)

To buy: $20 at Sephora stores and


Virginia Green said...

Sounds like an interesting product.

I love what you've done with the blog - breaking down the links by category was a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Why would you use this lipstick if it contains parabens??? Just because the package is recylable doesn't mean you should use it, right?

Anonymous said...


If "you can plant the container and it'll grow"...

You could be the first girl to harvest [recycled] corn in Manhattan!

I hope your current residency has a rooftop garden. Otherwise, you might have to consider moving somewhere that would allow you such an opportunity as this.

Think about it.