December 2, 2007

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

Aveda's Pure Abundance Hair Potion is a newish product that has quickly become a best-selling must-have. The $22 price sticker is a bit outrageous, but it gives my locks Dolly Parton heights when lightly rubbed around my roots. I definitely recommend it to fine-haired women.

Pretty factor:
This magical powder thickens hair "up to 17%" according to Aveda thanks to acacia gum and kaolin clay, which coat hair and add thickness. It also contains moisturizing aloe juice and honey, and it doesn't dry hair at all. Distribute a small amount around your scalp and rub in evenly.

Eco factor: Aveda's been dedicated to environmental responsibility long before "green" entered the public vernacular and celebs rolled up to the red carpet in little black hybrids instead of gas-guzzling limousines. Aveda's manufacturing facility in Minnesota is powered entirely by wind energy, and its cosmetics contain organic, sustainably sourced, fair trade ingredients. ("Fair trade" means that workers were paid decently and worked in humane conditions.) Finally, most of its products come in containers made of post-consumer recycled material.

To buy: $22 at Aveda concept salons and spas nationwide


Anonymous said...

I like the changes you made in your blog design!

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend this product for men with thinning hair and receding hairlines? Like the site!

Lindsay B. said...

Glad that you like the site! For men with fine and/or thinning hair, I'd recommend a volumizing mousse or lightweight pomade to add texture and thus thickness. Hope this helps!