October 9, 2007

Simply Organic Heat-Activated Shine Complex

I spied this spray at a beauty sale at work and learned through research that Simply Organic's founder, Gene Martignetti, worked for 20 years in the haircare industry. Then his son was diagnosed with leukemia and he began thinking about getting healthy, which included researching the ingredients in cosmetics. He learned that not only were many of those chemicals irritating, but potentially carcinogenic. So, he created his Simply Organic.

Actor Chris Notha.k.a. Mr. Big from "Sex and the City"—is a "Big" fan. In fact, he liked the products so much that he introduced Simply Organic to the stylist on the set of "Law and Order"and now the whole cast uses the line.

Pretty factor:
Unlike most shine-enhancing sprays, this one doesn’t contain silicones (e.g. cyclomethicone, dimethicone), which smooth the hair shaft but can build up over time. The star ingredient of the entire SO line is olive leaf extract, naturally anti-viral and bacterial, plus rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

In the shine complex specifically: r
osemary oil, an antioxidant that purportedly stimulates hair growth, vegetable glycerin, which adds shine through its humectant properties (humectants draw moisture from the air) and calendula extract, which soothes and smooths the hair shaft. When I spray this on my damp hair before blow-drying, it's much shinier and softer.

Eco factor: Pure, organic ingredients and zero irritating and potentially carcinogenic chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens or propylene glycol

To buy: $24 at simplyorganicbeauty.com