October 8, 2007

JASON Super-C Cleanser™ Gentle Facial Wash

When I decided to "green" my beauty, like my lifestyle, a few months ago, my first purchase was JASON's Super-C Gentle Face Wash. Its ingredients were nearly identical to Ole Henriksen's On the Go Cleanser, a best-selling wash when I worked at Sephora—but JASON's was half the price.

Pretty factor: Gentle surfactants—no drying sulfates—remove makeup and grime without stripping the skin. A 10% vitamin C concentration perks up skin and orange essential oil lends an amazing, fresh-sliced oranges scent, making it a perfect a.m. cleanser for those with combo, oily or acne-prone skin.

Eco factor: No parabens, petroleum, animal ingredients or animal testing

To buy: $10 at drugstore.com and Whole Foods


Anonymous said...


You had me at "amazing smell of fresh oranges"...

My plan = Make a trip to Bloomingfoods just to check this out.


True story: I was recently eyeing [and inhaling] Jason's Mango body wash & Apricot shampoo--at Kmart!

Lindsay B. said...

Ha! I thought you'd be interested in this cleanser, Lyd! I'm excited for you to come on board and have an outlet for your citrus beauty products obsession!