February 17, 2009

Mineral Makeup by Monavé Potted Cream Concealers

Kim Basinger once said that she feels there are two people within her: herself and her intuition, and if she goes with the latter, everyone gets along nicely.

I feel similarly. There is the sophisticated, rapid-walking, Manhattan-loving side of me and the simplicity- and nature-loving free spirit who daydreams about living in Portland. Big city Lindsay says I should wear my Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals foundation every day to look "polished." Gentle-hippie Lindsay says, "Your skin is fine. Dab on a little concealer and go fresh-faced!"

Unfortunately for her, concealers by most natural makeup lines come in only two or three shades and none have matched my fair-medium skin tone. So it was with excitement that I discovered Mineral Makeup by Monavé's Potted Cream Concealers—available in 22 hues!

is a high-quality, yet affordable line made especially for those who most mineral makeup leaves out: African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Middle-Eastern ladies. They offer a spectrum of shades for just about every skin tone, from snow-fair to espresso bean dark.

Pretty factor:
I would almost buy this concealer for the number of shades alone, but the ingredients are extraordinary, too. It contains a base of, not water, but soothing aloe vera gel, followed by moisturizing avocado and sunflower seed oils (both non-comedogenic). Chamomile and calendula extracts further calm and repair the skin, and rosewood, lavender and rosemary essential oils lend a lovely, natural scent uncommon to makeup.

Eco factor:
No talc, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic filler ingredients or dyes. About 95% of Monave products are vegan and contain many locally sourced ingredients. Paper, glass, and plastics are recycled in its warehouse and the company prints on recycled paper and uses low-watt light bulbs.

To buy: just $8.50 at monave.com


Anonymous said...

Concealers in 22 hues!! This is interesting information.


Lucy said...

at first i thought...yeah yeah, another concealer. but the line that got me was "made especially for the women that most mineral makeup leaves out: African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Middle-Eastern ladies". now i HAVE to try it, if for no other reason than to support a brand that realizes we come in more than 3 shades!

Virginia Green said...

Wow! After lip products, concealers are the next most likely cosmetic product I would buy. This one sounds great to try, after I work through my stash.