December 4, 2008

Portland + White Tea with Roses

I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving in Portland with my little bro, who moved to Oregon last summer. The city is often teased for teeming with hippies and street kids (which it has). But wow. It was inspiringly beautiful and the most environmentally conscious place I've ever visited. Blue recycling bins and compact, fuel-efficient cars were prolific, and nearly every restaurant we ate at served hormone-free meat from local farms. I was awestruck. Welcome home, Eco*Pretty!

In addition to fresh air, earth respectfulness, and dang cool architecture, Portland has a heavenly rose garden on a hill that overlooks the city and offers a majestic view of Mt. Hood. One evening after visiting the garden, we popped into a Whole Foods, where I bought Numi's Velvet Garden White Rose Tea as a souvenir. It's one of the loveliest teas I've tasted, with antioxidant-rich white tea and real rose buds. Perfect for having girlfriends over...or escaping to a more calm, refined place this winter.

Eco factor: The tea is certified organic and certified Fair Trade.

To buy: $6.99 at Whole Foods and


Anonymous said...

Hey Linds,

Glad you enjoyed the visit and time we spent in Portland. Indeed it is a very neat town!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linds,
I love the Numi White Tea with Roses, too. I found it at Target--imagine that??!

Mama Baron

Eco*Pretty said...

Wow, you found it at Target?! That's great.