February 4, 2009

Softlips® Pure Organic Lip Conditioner

During my early teens, Softlips® was the brand for fending off chapped lips: the tall slender tube, the refreshing menthol, the fact that it cost double the price other balms...it was all so sophisticated! 

While I’ve grown and matured, apparently so has Softlips®. Perusing a CVS on a dry, cold day in Boston, I saw a display for its new Pure Organic Lip Conditioner. Actually, I first saw the pomegranate– my favorite fruit—which lured me in like Persephone.

Pretty Factor: The balm is flavorless and colorless, but the organic pomegranate extract leaves a scent that captures the fruit's essence without that over-sweet, bastardized smell  common to fruity products.  Vitamin E, organic shea butter and organic coconut, olive, and jojoba seed oils smooth and moisten your lips for hours without leaving a waxy feeling. I fell asleep wearing some and my lips still felt good when I woke up!

Eco Factor: Softlips® Pure is 95% USDA-certified organic. It is produced without pesticides and contains no parabens or gluten. This cruelty-free balm is also available in honeydew (better for summer) and comes in recyclable packaging.

To Buy: $3.69 at drugstores nationwide and drugstore.com

—Guest blogger Virginia Green


Anonymous said...

Nice!! :) I'm totally getting some! My lips are super dry this time of year.

Anonymous said...

This lip gloss sure sounds much better than my old chapstick!
Thanks for the suggestion, Linds!

Lindsay B. said...

Hi Anonymous. You're welcome--except this product was recommended and written by my lovely friend Virginia, not me!

Anonymous said...

this actually works! i had been using burt's bees pomegranate balm but i think made my lips flakey! then i switched to this and felt so much better. question though: does this balm contain actual pomegranate extract?

Lindsay B. said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, it does contain a small amount of actual pomegranate extract!

Most natural/organic products contain the real-deal--just one of the many reasons I love 'em.

Anonymous said...

the only suspicious thing about this product is the ingredient called "flavor." what does that mean? don't they need to be more specific than that? any ideas as to what that might be?