February 2, 2009

Save Your Skin While You Sleep: Hot Water Bottles in Bed

In the spirit of frugality and eco consciousness, I want to talk about a bedtime beauty secret that British and German women have used for years:  the humble hot water bottle.  

At night, turn down your thermostat, fill one of these bottles with hot water, cap, and slide it under the covers. (Insert "Is that a water bottle in your bed, or are you happy to see me? joke here.)

The bottle will heat your bed up to 9 hours. It will also alleviate aches, cramps and soreness and
increase circulation!

Pretty factor:
You’ll have softer skin and smoother hair this winter because hot, dry central heat didn't suck out their moisture.  You can spruce up your bottle (and protect your skin from the hot rubber) by wrapping it in a pillowcase or, for crafty gals,
knitting a little sweater for it.

Eco factor:  Zero energy used. The traditional red or blue bottles are made of latex rubber. They last for years and keep your water the hottest. If you have latex allergies or are averse to buying non-recyclable rubber, you can buy a German-made transparent bottle of thermoplastic material that's odorless and recyclable.

Frugal factor:
You’ll save quite a few bucks on utilities. The latex version costs as little as $3.95. The German version costs about $20 and will also last many years. Most drugstores carry the latex bottles. Click here to buy the German model.

— Jen from Skin Rhythm


Virginia Green said...

*ears perk up* Did somebody say knitting? What a great suggestion! Lots of new info hear, and you've got to love the benefits of old fashioned remedies.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a hot water bottle?

Lindsay B. said...

Hi Karen. Thanks for your comment. Try this:


Anonymous said...

can you please review burt's bees lemon poppyseed cleanser? it smells amazing and feels good but i don't know what "98% natural" really means? thanks.