December 14, 2007

Paddywax candles

I've been high-energy since birth and often require a trinity of soft music, mug of tea, and candles—my natural Xanax, if you will—to wind down at night. At Whole Foods recently, searching for an earth-friendly replacement to a candle that had burned to a stump, I spotted Paddywax, a sleek line of soy-based illuminations with the loveliest, freshest scents.

It was a tie between Olive Tree and Chamomile. I chose the latter for its soothing blend of linden blossoms, sandalwood oil, and chamomile flowers.

Eco factor: Paddywax candles are 100% natural, made from a soy blend and essential oils. They burn clean which equals better for your lungs and better for the environment. In September 2008, the environmentally committed company went carbon-neutral, teaming up with Verus Carbon Neutral, to measure its CO2 footprint and monetarily give the green debt to the Chicago Climate Exchange, which funds fund carbon-reducing projects.

To buy:
$15.99 at and Whole Foods


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a late Christmas gift! If only we had a Whole Foods in Indiana. Do they have them at Trader Joe's?
Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay B. said...

No, they unfortunately don't sell them at Trader Joe's but you can buy them at