December 10, 2007

Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist

Ah, winter. It's the season of both delights—time with family and friends at the holidays, crystal-clear January sunsets—as well as annoyances: cranked up heat that zaps hair and blistery wind that punishes the face. Though I'm addicted to them year-round, I'm especially endowed to hydrating sprays from December through February.

Hydrating sprays are facial spritzes that contain myriad soothing and moisturizing ingredients plus antioxidants. They can be used to:

- tone the skin after cleansing
- set makeup
- freshen and moisturize the face throughout the day

My favorite (and I've tried many) is Mineral Fusion's Hydration Mist

Pretty factor: A large amount of allantoin soothes and hydrates the face, while chamomile calms redness. Green tea lends free radical protection, and myrrh kills surface bacteria and regenerates skin tissue.

Eco factor:
No parabens or chemical dyes and fragrance

To buy:
$17.50 at Whole Foods and

Full Ingredient list


Anonymous said...

This is perfect for you, Lins. I know how much you like these sprays and you haven't put one of these on your blog, yet. That's appropriate for these winter months.

mollycruise said...

Love Love Love. You should buy the Jane Iredale spray at because they have the best prices and give a portion to animals in need.