June 15, 2009

Alo-ha! Pacificia's $9 Solid Perfumes

A few readers have asked why I haven't reviewed the growing crop of gorgeous natural perfumes. One simple reason: cost!  Most average around 90 bucks a bottle—which is out of my wallet's range and, I imagine, many of yours given this wretched recession. As a result, the only eau's I've been using have been Stella McCartney's rollerball and whiffs from my essential oil-scented hair products.

But that changed last month after discovering Pacifica's solid perfumes. Just $9, they come in cool Andy Warhol-meets-South Pacific tins. Finding your signature scent is easy as there are 20 aromas to choose from, such as Malibu Lemon Blossom, Tahitian Gardenia and, my favorite, French Lilac.

Pretty factor: These perfumes are a lesson in simplicity. Just a few ingredients: organic soy and coconut waxes that "hold" scents longer and a blend of essential oils. The tins are easily transportable, too—perfect for your beach or weekend getaway bag.

Eco factor: Pacifica products are free of parabens, phthalates, nitro musks, lead wicks and animal ingredients (including beeswax).  They are not tested on animals and packaging is made with recycled content. Pacifica reuses and reduces wherever possible and is working toward carbon neutrality.

To buy: $9 at select Whole Foods, Sephora (which sells 6 of the 20 scents) and pacificaperfume.com


Opal said...

Nice information about solid perfumes... I would like to pick them... Thanks for the links...

Fig+Sage said...

Hmmm...I would call "natural perfume" something that is not synthetic and I'm fairly certain Pacifica perfumes and candles all contain synthetic fragrance which can contain many hidden ingredients, including the potential presence of phthalates (which I believe Pacifica has indicated they do not use).

It's nice that they're using natural ingredients, but I wish they'd stick with that theme and use natural fragrance as well. Loving their packaging though...super cool :)

$9 is definitely economic for a natural fragrance, but that's why this is priced so low because you pay for real, high quality ingredients.

If you're not so much concerned with, or are not sensitive to artificial fragrance and you're on a tight budget, then this may work for you. The important thing is to be aware and then make your decision when buying.

Scent Hive said...

I have to back up what F+S said. They do use mostly natural oils in their fragrances, but synthetics as well. This is per direct email with Brook Harvey-Taylor the owner.

But she reassured me that they do not use petrochemicals or phthalates in their perfumes or body products.

Virginia Green said...

Wow, great info in both the post and the comments. Thanks!

Tina said...

After reading this post, I ran to Sephora and bought 3 of these! Well, after a few days they all went back. Unfortunately, the scents did not last at all. And I mean like 10 minutes later-gone. Can smell nothing. I was very sad!

I got some all natural perfume samples from Dancing Dingo and I am hoping those work for me. I also tried perfumes from Aubrey Organics, but am sorry to say, they pretty much stink. The search continues.