August 1, 2008

Whole Foods Video Series with John Masters

After a couple months of using an eco-friendly hair line that wasn't doing much for me, I finally finished the bottle and switched back to John Masters Organics. This past winter, I lathered my locks in JM's amazing Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing shampoo and conditioner and received numerous compliments. Since it's summer, I wanted something lighter, but not too light because I have high-lighted hair and dry ends that need moisture. I opted for JMO's Evening Primrose Shampoo for Dry Hair.

Well, after a week of use, what do ya know? My hair is again smoother, softer and more vibrant. (Evening primrose oil is loaded with rejuvenating essential fatty acids.) Better yet, while doing research, I found these new Whole Foods video interviews with John himself about ingredients to look for in natural haircare. Check 'em out—they're enlightening!


Jen said...

I knew I liked your blog for a reason, great minds think a like!!!

How is your new job going? Is it super-fabulous?

Jen said...

alike...not 'a like' grrr!

Virginia Green said...

that was very interesting. I will have to watch those again some time. And maybe check to see if his products are prohibitively expensive, or just expensive... :)