January 22, 2009

Eco*Pretty: Recession Edition

Welcome to the recession edition of Eco*Pretty everyone. In light of the economic climate, I'm going to focus on wallet-friendly products and at-home treatments for the next few months. Quality won't be compromised. Featured products will be just as performing as higher-end options. Pricier cosmetics will still be included de temps en temps but 1) they'll have to be ridiculously stellar and 2) they'll usually appear with a more affordable option (e.g. "splurge" versus "save").

I've created a section, "Affordable beauty", in the left column that's populated with every product under $20 that I've ever reviewed. Thank you to my friend Lydia, who's been using solely drugstore-brand natural products for the past year and is helping me with ideas!


Anonymous said...

what about avalon organics? i really like their products - especially theri vitamin c line and coq10 face wash - but i wonder why they're considered a 'gateway' natural line? is there something unnatural i should know? thanks.

Lindsay B. said...

Hi! Thank you for their comment. Good question -- I've actually thought about doing a post about why I don't recommend Avalon...

My first and only experience with them was with their shampoos and conditioners. I tried the Lavender, the Lemon highlights-brightening, and the Biotin Thickening shampoo and conditioner -- and did not like any of them. At all. They made my hair straw-like. My friend Lydia tried one of the lines, too, and was also dissatisfied.

As far as Avalon being a "gateway natural line" (which it is!), I didn't like that nearly all the products contain phenoxyethanol and benzyl alcohol. Both are drying and irritating non-paraben preservatives. I also remember not liking that their Lavender Face Lotion with SPF 185 contains chemical sunscreens (octinoxate and oxybenzone). Hope this helps.

Virginia Green said...


2) I think this is a fantastic idea and look forward to more in this series.

3) It would be good to see more of why you avoid certain products. Shortcut ingredients found in organics, why they're bad for us, etc.

Thanks for an informative and entertaining blog!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Great idea Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your response re: avalon organics. what about other readily available and cheap natural brands like burts bees, jason, be fine, etc.? it's so hard to know what brands are best! thanks for your guidance!

Lindsay B. said...

Hi again. Good question. I judge brands on two things

1) Trial-and-error. If I have two or three bad experiences with a line, I'm finito.

2) Countless reviews from beauty.com, drugstore.com, makeup.com and makeupalley.com. After a while of reading various comments, you do see an overall result/experience.

I'm actually writing about a Burt's Bees product tomorrow and another one -- the new Naturally Ageless Serum -- soon. I've reviewed JASON's Super C Cleanser on Eco*Pretty. Really liked it.

Not a fan of Be fine -- too many unnatural ingredients. They're a bit deceiving. Would like you to believe that they're a food-based line when really they're a traditional skin care line that uses a few "food" ingredients. But speaking of food-based lines, a superb one is The Body Deli, which I've reviewed. Check them out. Based in Palm Springs, California. Kate Hudson and Alicia Silverstone are fans. Some of their products actually ship on ice! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for you:

I recently bought adzuki beans to use as an exfoliant. You simply grind them then add a little water to make a paste. It has made my face super-soft! And most importantly, it is cheap!