November 26, 2008

Pumpkin-Based Beauty Products for Fall

In light of Thanksgiving and my borderline obsession with pumpkin (Starbucks is killing me by selling those pumpkin loafs...), I'm serving up my fav pumpkin-containing products this week. What are yours?

A little background: Pumpkin is high in vitamin A, which increases skin cell turnover, reducing fine lines and acne.   And because it's a natural source of vitamin A, it doesn't cause the redness and irritation that Retin-A, Differin, or retinol serums often do. So here they are:

Eminence Organic Skin Care Pumpkin & Orange Masque. This hydrating and brightening mask is so deliciously scented that you'll want to gobble it up. Pumpkin extract promotes skin renewal, fresh orange juice boosts the skin with vitamin C, honey moisturizes, and vitamins A, C and E protect against free radicals. The challenge is to apply it to your face and not eat it. $48 at

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Incredible Pumpkin Peel. Read review here.

Desert Essence Pumpkin Hand Repair Cream. This affordable best-seller is one of the top natural hand creams. Its impressive ingredients include vitamin-packed pumpkin seed oil, licorice extract (which helps lighten age spots) and hydrating jojoba oil. $9.49 at and Whole Foods


Blue Mama said...

You HAVE to try the Duchess Marden Enzyme exfoliant--fermented pumpkin, probiotics and jojoba beads. It's super yummy and makes the skin feel great!

Lindsay B. said...

Hey Jen! Googling it right now...

angelinjones said...

Pumpkin Enzymes contain high levels of Beta-Carotene which protect skin from environmental elements, decreases oxidation and free-radical stress, plus naturally encourages cell turnover to maintain healthy glowing skin complexion. The Pumpkin Enzymes are easily absorbed and leave skin smooth and supple with a beautiful sheen.
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Anonymous said...

Those are beauty products with holiday theme.