December 11, 2008

Spotted: Pomegranate Seeds at Trader Joe's

For those of you who love whole pomegranate but rarely eat it because of the hassle, head to Trader Joe's! The other night I discovered their little containers of fresh pomegranate arils (seeds).  They're super convenient and taste surprisingly fresh and delicious.

By the way, isn't pomegranate the most fabulously feminine fruit—with its wealth of antioxidants and phytoestrogens, those ruby-like seeds and voluptuous shape?


Anonymous said...

Please don't rub it in--there is NO Trader Joe's here in Texas!

BTW--I think the Duchess Marden creme cleanser would be fine for combination/oily skin and I know the exfoliant is great for it. I think I have some samples on hand, if you send me your address I'll mail them to you next time I'm at the p.o.

:)Jen/Skin Rhythm

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those! I find it funny that I've eaten those for years, since a child (we called them Chinese Apples - probably so we'd actually eat them) A great source of everything I hear. There was just an article in the paper about them and how benficial they are.

Oh, and I left you an award over at my place if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Great idea about the pomegranates in a container.
I'll have to check them out next time I go to trader Joes!

Virginia Green said...

Love Love LOVE Pomegranate seeds! I also enjoy the challenge of opening them myself though... hee hee. It makes me feel like I earned the deliciousness. They are also called grenades in French, or granada in Spanish. An explosion of sweet tartness! Oh yeah, they're healthy too!