May 6, 2008

Malie Organic Coffee Macadamia Body Polish

Because I'm on a coffee kick and because swimsuit season will be here in a few short weeks, I couldn't think of a better product to review this week than Malie Kauai's Organic Coffee Macadamia Body Polish.

As I've said, topically applied caffeine stimulates circulation
and enlivens the skin, making it a beneficial ingredient in eye creams, moisturizers and cellulite products. Check out this article from CNN Money about coffee's ability to treat cellulite.

Pretty factor:
A large serving of coffee—it's the first ingredient listed!—helps diminish those unsightly, fatty indentations. Sugar, which is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, exfoliates the body, while coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, and mango butter provide decadently rich moisturization.

Eco factor: Malie Kauai products are made from organic and wild-crafted plants that are harvested in a sustainable manner. No petroleum, sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances or parabens.

To buy: $45 at and



Anonymous said...

I haven't been to your blog for awhile but I was intrigued by the organic coffee body polish. Thanks for the writeup! Good luck with the BonAppetit makeover, too!

Anonymous said...

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