April 10, 2008

NEW Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara

I've been loyally using Lavera's Volume Mascara for the past half-year. But a beauty junkie can remain faithful to even the best products for only so long. The trade-in? Dr. Hauschka's new Volume Mascara, which comes in black, a forest green that makes hazel eyes pop, and aubergine, a plum that beautifully compliments brown and green peepers.

Pretty factor: A fat, soft-bristled brush and moisturizing jojoba oil give va-voom volume without the typical clumping or tar-like consistency. Black teayes, tea in a mascara!provides antioxidant properties, and eyebright extract soothes the delicate lash area; it's a perfect mascara for gals with sensitive eyes.

Eco factor:
Dr. Hauschka is a pioneer in the natural beauty industry. For over 40 years, the German company has been using organic and biodynamic ingredients from their own gardens in all their products. No chemical additives, parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrance or animal testing.

To buy:
$23.50 at Whole Foods and drhauschka.com


Jen said...

I love the aubergine. And this formulation really does add more volume to the lashes. Not sure if it's mostly the shape of the brush or the actual new formula.
My other favorite is the classic mascara in blue.
My husband actually complimented it and I said 'you mean my eyeshadow?' and he said no, the mascara.

Virginia Green said...

oooh! Colored mascara!