January 9, 2008

Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub with Crushed Cocoa Beans

During the gray winter doldrums, when everything in New York seems especially steel- and cement-hued, Netflix movies and mugs of hot cocoa help make the time 'til Spring a little less depressing for me. A third weapon against the blah's, as well as dry, dead skin? Giovanni's Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub.

Pretty factor:
Crystals of organic sugar, a natural exfoliator, sweep away dry, dead cells, while safflower seed oil, shea butter and honey soften and hydrate the skin. Flavonoids in real cocoa beans (a cellulite reducer) pack an antioxidant punch.

Eco factor:
Giovanni products contain 100% natural, organic ingredients. No petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrance or animal byproducts or testing.

To buy:
$13.99 at Whole Foods and drugstore.com