January 4, 2008

Earth Science Chamomile & Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover

More than once, I've wondered who decided that women would only buy eye makeup remover if it was dyed Technicolor blue and smelled like grandma's stale face cream. And also: Why all those harsh chemicals in a product for the face's most delicate, sensitive area? If you've also asked this question, pick up Earth Science's Chamomile + Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover the next time you're at Whole Foods.

Pretty factor:
This remover is a clear, fragrance-free gel that doesn't irritate, smell funky or leave behind an oily film. Further, it's packed with eye-beneficial ingredients: Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate hydrate, bilberry extract stimulates capillary circulation (= more lively-looking peppers), chamomile soothes, and antioxidant green tea keeps crow's feet at bay.

Eco factor:
Santa Barbara-based Earth Science is committed to making environmentally safe skin and haircare products. No petroleum derivatives, parabens, soaps, toxins, heavy metals or artificial dyes

To buy: $6.50 at shopearthessentials.com and Whole Foods



Anonymous said...

Hi Lins,
I just use vaseline petroleum jelly to remove my eye make-up, but I might start using this!
Thanks for the suggestion.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it works on waterproof makeup? I only wear waterproof mascara and most of the natural removers I've tried dont work very well on that.