September 1, 2008

NEW Origins Organics Totally Pure Deodorant

For me, and maybe for many of you, finding a natural deodorant that works has ranked just below finding the fountain of youth. I had nice results with Kiss My Face's Liquid Rock, but its ho-hum scent left me desiring more.

Origins knew better. It packed its new Totally Pure Deodorant with odor-neutralizing, bacteria-killing essential oils. It left my underarms smelling blissfully like one of their boutiques for several hours during a hot, active trip to Boston this past weekend. My friend used it as well and was similarly impressed. Like every natural deo' I've used, I do have to re-apply once during the day. But this one's irresistible scent and spray form (no white streaks on shirts!) place it above the others.

Pretty factor: The woodsy, masculine smell of organic clove and ylang ylang, combined with the more feminine-scented lavender and palmorosa essential oils create an alluring, unisex scent that works for both men and women. White willow bark exfoliates underarms and keeps pores clean.

Eco factor: Organic ingredients; no aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic colors and fragrances

To buy: $15 at Origins boutiques and at


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