June 3, 2008

The Benefits of Sticking with a Skincare Regime?

The past week, I'd been thinking about hunkering down and sticking to a skin care regime when I spotted this amusing post on Lucky's beauty blog about...hunkering down and sticking to a skincare regime.

I’m constantly hunting for and trying the new, best product. I’ve been especially Swap Central lately—this scrub one day, another one the next—and am wondering if it’s the reason for a little increase in ruddiness and breakouts. Dermatologists say that you need to allow time for your skin to adjust to a new product, then for it to do its job.

So, it’s going to be like me fighting myself, but I’m going to stick to a basic regime for the next two months—no changing! My regime will consist of:

Evan Healy Tea Tree Gel Cleanser. Best. Cleanser. Ever. I’ve been using this daily for two entire months and love it. It's soap-free and foaming with gentle surfactants, bacteria-killing tea tree and lavender oils, and soothing chamomile and calendula blossom extracts. Evan Healy products are super pure and high-quality (though not well publicized) and are available at some Whole Foods.

DDF Pumice Acne Scrub (twice weekly). This stuff is the skincare equivalent of Suave’s best-selling Daily Clarifying Shampoo—it's not natural but, used once or twice a week, it thoroughly removes grit and leaves skin smooth and clear.

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer. I love the purifying, exfoliating properties and uplifting scent of the organic lemon juice in this moisturizer. It also contains AHA in the form of organic apple juice, plus skin-nutritious ingredients like green tea, aloe, and rosehip seed oil.

I've been on the regime for just 5 days but already notice a reduction in ruddiness. Have you found that your skin looks best when you stick to a regime?


Jen said...

My skin does look best when I'm sticking to a very regular, simple routine.

I need regular exfoliation in the form of an AHA mask weekly. This is in addition to a creamy cleanser AM and PM, hydrating toner, SPF 30 mineral tinted moisturizer during the day, no moisturizer at night.

Monthly I may do a clay mask or Dr. Hasuchka rejuvenating mask.

I too am a skincare addict!

Jules said...

I tend to stick to a regular routine. I like trying new products, but if I try something new, I'll wait a couple of weeks before trying something else new, so that way if I get a bad reaction I know what to blame it on!

What's your opinion of using skincare products all from the same brand vs mixing and matching brands? I tend to mix and match brands a lot (like a cleanser from one brand, a toner from another). It works for me, but I'm not sure if it's better to just stick to one brand or not.

Anonymous said...

I tend to mix and match skincare since there are things that I love from a skincare while hating the rest. Surely the shop assistant will tell you to get the best result you must use all of the range. But what if some of it make us irritated? What if, for example I don't like the sunscreen that only have SPF 15?

Okay, maybe there are some products that will only work when there are combined, but things such as cleanser or toner, personally I think, it could be replaced for other brand.

Anonymous said...

I was using the Evan Healy Tea Tree Gel but now I've discovered California Baby Tea Tree and Lavendar Hair and body wash- I use it for a face wash. It is very similar to the Evan Healy brand with double the size for half the price.

Lindsay B. said...

Linda, that's funny: I use California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Hair and Body Wash as my body wash and sometimes use it on my face! Yep, it's a great, inexpensive face cleanser.